Twitter Settings in Your SpaBoom Account

New to Twitter?

You'll need a Twitter account - it's extremely easy to get one started, but difficult to tear yourself away later on.   Twitter is a great tool for building relationships, garnering traffic for your business (see our Events area for ways you can automatically post Tweets right from your scheduled Events!  Nifty!), and therefore increasing your SEO.  

Getting a new Twitter account:

Setting up Twitter in SpaBoom

First, click on Social Media from Marketing, then click on "Twitter Settings" on the left side under Tasks.

Click the authorize link.

Click Sign In to authorize the application. You may need to enter your Twitter username and password.  

Now that you have connected SpaBoom with Twitter, you can set it up to tweet your blog postings or Daily Deals.


Similarly, if you'd like to disable this feature, you can click the link provided under Twitter authentication to remove the authorization.  

Pretty simple!