Adding links to your website

Here you can customize the look of your SpaBoom web pages to which you link to from your existing website.

In general, it's a good idea to have your SpaBoom pages have has much in common as possible with your website. 

You can switch between Style to choose a different overall look for your SpaBoom pages.

Choose the Font you would like (the common web fonts are available). If you're not sure what font is used on your website, you can often figure it out by going to your website, right-clicking on it and selecting "View source", and then looking for "font".

Include link to home page will include a "HOME" link your pages that returns to the main page of your website. This is a good idea!

Include logo will include your logo on your pages.

Background, Headings, Text, Hyperlinks and Hover let you choose colors, preferrably those that match your website.