Widgets for Your Integrated Website

What is it?

The SpaBoom widgets are mini snippets we developed which allows you to insert little windows into your existing website, things like your specials & events, blog posts, email signup gadget, and more! 

Why would I want it?

Update activities in your SpaBoom account and have those changes reflected immediately in your website - no calling up your website editor to give them another "to do" list.

Give your clients a personal touch from you and the chance to see the specials that will keep them coming back as repeat customers.  You can even sign up clients for your email newsletter - a great option if you do not already do this on your current website.

Type of Widgets Available

  • Email Signup Widget - one small little snippet used only to entice folks to sign up for your email distribution list.
  • Events Widget - display all of your current specials, events, announcements, and even your email signup information. This widget is a do-everything powerhouse, but if you'd like to separate out the elements, use both the Event Headline Widget along with the Email Signup Widget instead...
  • Event Headline Widget - A smaller widget to feature just certain events on your list - choose your parameters to show event types like Deals and Sweepstakes only. This widget is much more compact than the full Events Widget.
  • Blog Widget - according to how you set the parameters, this displays short snippets of your recent blog articles, with links to the full articles.
  • Blog Headline Widget - This widget supports the same parameters as the blog_headline tag: number of articles, show excerpt, optional headline. Just set your parameters and THEN copy the code.
  • Blog Carousel Widget - this is perfect if you like to write blog articles that have a featured or included photo. Choose the number of photos to show and just like magic, we'll create a cute little rotating gallery of the photos with links to the full blog article that goes with each.
  • Review Widget - a standalone capsule to show off your most recent reviews while giving visitors the opportunity to leave their own review for you. Excellent for SEO!

OK, ok!  How do I get one of these Widget things?

There are two ways - You (or your web editor) add it to your site, or we'll do it for you! 

  • If you'd like to have us do it, give us a call or send us an email with your website's editing login information - we will need that to be able to make changes.  You can also add this information in your Basics page, under "Website Links".  Make sure you let us know you want a widget and on which website page we should put it, and we'll get to work.
  • If you're going to handle it, you will need access to be able to edit your website (or just pass on this whole help topic to your web designer!) - but putting up the Widget is super easy:
  1. On your website, choose a spot where you'd like to display your Widget - the home page is great, but you could put it on any page where it fits the flow of your site.
  2. In your SpaBoom account, go to the Setup Tab, then click on the Website link on the left side.  You'll see your existing settings for your link-able pages.  On the left is whole section called with a list of widgets. Choose the one you'd like to begin with, let's say "Event Widget" and click on that.
  3. You'll see a grey box with some complicated looking code in it - copy that code and paste it into the spot you've chosen on your website (even on multiple pages, if you'd like!).  Make sure it is within the "body" of the html of your page.
  4. Advanced customizing comes from the "Experts Only" section - this is where you can make the colors of the Widget match your existing website colors.  If you need some assistance, get in touch with support and we're happy to help.