Getting Started (first, reach out to your clients!)

Tools For Spa Marketing - everything you need to grow:  our full set of tools to help your business

Promotions, Offers, and Deals, oh my! - bring both old and new clients to your door with well-crafted incentives that keep your brand exciting

Administrative Stuff (how to use your account)

Spa Website Design Guide - tips on building a website that gives your clients what they are really looking for - information, and your personality!

Adding Links - How to add links for everything: Instant Gift Certificate, Online Booking, Newsletter Subscribe - everything handy for growing your business with your existing website.

Services - Start selling service-based GCs by adding your menu of services to your account.  You'll sell more and offer your clients a more personalized experience!

Basics - Settings to customize how SpaBoom works for you.

Reviews - Keep track of your feedback, promote your favorite clients, and more!

Other Resources

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Help Videos - We have a series of help videos to walk you through some of the features in our system.

New Features (on the SpaBoom blog) - We highlight new features as they are released, giving you a chance to try them out and post your comments. Read up, in case you missed something really neat!